Logo Construction

In its full version, the logo includes a main part and a title text. The main part comprises typography in four core colors follwed by the name in both dzonkha and english.

The typography used for the main part is Bebas Neue (Regular).

For the name of the brand, the same font is used with optical kerning and tracking set to 170.
The dzongkha font used is DDC Uchen.
For an optimal presentation, the logotype should maintain enough white space around it. A safe zone must be used and no other elements should interfere with this space (other logos, icons, pictures, etc.)

Logo Reversed Color.

The logotype has two reversed versions that is used when either the background color or background image is darker.
In such instances, the name is turned from black to white (#FFFFFF) or to orange (#DC7946), while the OGOP icon remains the
However, in order to keep the logo as readable as possible, the white monochrome version should be used if the background image
is complex. (Refer Logo monochrome)

Logo Monochrome

When the colored version can’t be used, e.g. for Black/White screen prints or the monochrome section on the website, the following versions are recommended.

Logo Variation

Three variations of the logo have been designed for use in different circumstances.
Depending on the size available and the use, we can choose between either the full version or the light version.
The logo icon (1) must be used when it would take up a small space, under 50 px for screen or 15 mm for print.
The horizontal logo (2) must be used over 250 px for screen or 40 mm for print. Useful for stationeries like business card and letterhead.
When the size exceeds 150 px or 30 mm, the vertical logo (3) must be used.

Usage on Backgrounds

The full-color logos should be used only on white or black.
Avoid using full-color logos on photographs unless the sits on a black or a white area of the image

One-color Use

The one-color logo should be used only on photographs and color backgrounds within the OGOP color palette.
The one-color logo should be only on black and white colorways

Logo Misuse

Do not crop the logo
Do not distort / stretch the logo
Do not rotate or change the position of the logo parts
Do not use drop shadow or any other effect
Do not shuffle the colors of the logo
Do not re-create using any other typeface
Do not use different colors
Do not outline the logotype
Do not change the transparency of the logo